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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  October 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MDT

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in case you wonder, single day lifttickets $76 for adults, 644 teens, 16 to 18 for kids. loveland is working to open very soon. >> looking like it's going to be a pretty nice one if you're heading up to the mountains this weekend, not a ton of traffic moving right now through idaho springs which is nice if you're headed that way. meteorologist becky ditchfield is in the 9news backyard. 50s, 60s in the high country and maybe up >> if not above, yup. >> no. >> yes, yes. >> no. i'm stopping. you can take over. >> i'm here to tell you yes. tomorrow is the day we're looking for our warmest day of the weekend. it's going to be dry and warm, not expected to be windy and the good news is we also don't have fire weather watches or red flag warnings in effect for colorado. there are a few outside the state we'll touch on coming up.
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collins, a couple high wispy thin clouds. that's it. it's beautiful. some of the wind gusts are picking up a bit in our foothills, broomfield seeing 20 mile-per-hour gusts now out of the southwest. up around nederland we've got 25 mile-per-hour gusts and blackhawk seeing 24 mile-per- hour gusts right now. rain, and temperatures are mild. we're at 79 now in broomfield and downtown denver, dia 75, greeley 79, 60s and 70s in our foothills, not in areas like silverthorne sitting at 59 degrees, so mild everywhere. for the remainder of this afternoon and this evening we are going to be in the 60s and 70s at least through the 7:00 hour and then we'll dip to
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after tonight a very mild evening. we warm up into the low 80s come tomorrow. we'll be a little cooler on sunday but no big chance for rain which we desperately need until about tuesday next week. that's really just our chance for rain. that chance is small. we'll be talking about that and your full forecast coming up here in just a few minutes. pay lot of folks are getting really anxious what the weather is looking like coming up to halloween. it's not showing up on the nine- day yet, but it is ri looking like it's very mild leading up to it. >> late october, just cannot believe it. >> isn't it nice? usually september is like the primo month. this year it's been september and october. >> you wonder when the whammy is coming, the big storm that changes everything. >> thank you, becky. the vehicle involved in a hit and run that created some big traffic backups this morning has been located, but authorities are still looking for the driver. this happened near the
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and south valencia. the -- iliff and south valencia. the person is facing possible charges for leaving the scene. the person hurt has serious injury. if you have information, please call state patrol. colorado's electrical grid is no match for one raccoon apparently. the power is back on at aurora after a raccoon got into an equipment at an xcel substation early this morning. almost 27,000 customers lost power from yosemite street to bl alameda avenues. xcel's map showed multiple outages near westminster and broomfield. the outage also hit the rtd bus garage. the initial cause of the outage was thought to be a blown transformer and it didn't end very well for the raccoon. some folks can go back home after evacuations on the junkins fire in southern colorado. crews lifted evacuations and
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week. the fire east of westcliffe is 33% contained, almost 18,000 acres burned there. it destroyed five homes and 13 outbuildings. this all started when high winds blew down a power line that landed on a barbed wire fence and sparked the fire you see here. abouted you're kind of just -- you're kind of like should i apply more or give it a >> the signs are everywhere. jobs are here for the holidays and employers are preparing for the big crowds. cherry creek mall hopes to fill more than 100 season and permanent jobs. more than 60 tornadoes in the natural are looking -- stores ?? in the mall are looking for employees right now. there's justone problem, not many people are applying. >> the smaller applicant pool
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that's the reason we're hosting the job fair to try to drive that applicant fool into the -- pool into the shopping center. >> a plus side for me, i get a job. >> colorado is among the 10 states with the lowest unemployment rates this year and experts believe that could be contributing to the low number of retail job applicants. the cherry creek mall job fair continues all day tomorrow as well. >> plenty of you have already voted. plenty of you are stil pushing to win over that latter it group. we know a lot of you are red -- latter group. we know a lot of you are ready for this to be over. donald trump is promising several campaign stops a day until election day november 8th. he was in north carolina today focusing attacks on democrat hillary clinton, of course. he was refocusing after the al smith charity dinner last
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crowd. the clinton campaign said today it's preparing for the possibility trump might never concede the presidential election should she win which could drag everything out even longer. >> this is a waste of time if we don't pull this off. these guys have said doesn't matter if you win or lose, there's never been a home like this in the history of this country -- moment like this in the history of this country. i say it matters to me. >> an among likely voters found clinton won the last debate wednesday night with a margin of nine points 46-37%, but it is worth noting another 17% said neither candidate won the debate. for a campaign update let's bring in chuck todd, moderator of meet the press on nbc. blast night we had our debate between mike coffman and morgan
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cycle in his swing district. we've gotten no public polling this time around. he swore off donald trump pretty late after the billy bush tape came out. how on earth do you handicap this race? >> it's tough and i think look, it's all about republican turnout for all of these guys in these tough races whether it's a congressional race or statewide race and these republican candidates have struggled with this issue of trump because you got about 75% of repus on trump, but you have about 25% that have a real problem with him and so if you appease the 25%, you risk alienating that 75, but clearly sticking with the 75 alienates that 25. the problem you have is if you don't have them all in, you have no chance at winning. that's the challenge for mike coffman and all these republicans down the ballot. will the republican coalition stay intact on election day
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people who don't like trump but are republicans stay home rather than worry about keeping a republican house or a republican senate? and i think that's the unknown here. what is republican turnout? is it down and by how much? you tell me that and i'll tell you whether or not mike coffman can survive. >> so if the polls are correct, i have a couple of questions. hillary clinton would wi the scenarios we're seeing now, but i think a lot of folks voting for her are really voting against donald trump, not voting so much for her. how much tough time is that going to give her government? >> i think it's an extraordinarily tough time because don't forget, even her coalition on the left, forget the extra votes she may be getting from disaffected republicans who may not like her but loathe trump and decided to vote for her that
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together. the progressive left doesn't trust her. sanders supporters don't trust her, but they're with her because they don't like trump. on one hand she'll have this impressive coalition of support that motte presidents would dream of party, a very bipartisan group of supporters, but it's supporters in name only. how she does her appointments. i think there's difference ways she could start uniting the republican in one of the big cabinet posts maybe over at say the state or defense or department of homeland, something like that. that's one way, but he's going to have to figure out -- she's going to have to figure out how to show in her appointments that she truly wants to govern in a more bipartisan fashion because i think that's what the country as a whole will yearn
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that scenario? >> i think it all depends whether they today the house or not. i think if they lose everything, then it becomes every republican for themselves and you will have different fractures all over the place and i think the fracture will last a long time, but if republicans hold the house, i reps significant most important leader of the republican party and it will fall on him when it comes to voice to the party and that could give them the time and spails to figure out how to get the -- space too figure out how to get -- space to figure out how to get the election. russia's consulate general
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secretary of state asking to have one of the officers study the u.s. experience of organization of voting process. he denied the request saying oklahoma's law is it not allow anyone except election officials and voters to be present during voting. as many as two online attacks today brought down major websites like twitter, spotify, netflix, amazon, tumbler and reddit. at times people on the east coast couldn't use the sites at company said it was hit by a cyber attack first around 7:00 and then a few hours later. the company provides advanced internet capabilities to some of the biggest names on the web including visa. security experts say they appear to be someone trying to find weaknesses of companies that provide critical internet services. the department of homeland security is investigating this. over across the pond they evacuated london city airport
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chemical incident. more than two dozen people had breathing problems there. police and fire crews say the terminal is safe now. they're still investigating the cause. the city airport in east london's docklands is not one of the biggest. if you're not familiar, it is the fifth busiest airport in the london area. so far it's been a parade of women on the witness stand in brunswick, georgia. that kept going today in the hot car death of accused of purposefully leaving his son in a hot suv. reporters were told to turn off their cameras when one witness took the stand. she said she was just 16 when she started exchanging sexually explicit texts with the boy's father, ross harris. it's likely to be three or four weeks before the case goes to
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crash landed today. nasa was still able to take a picture of the landing as planned to help determine the cause of the crash. up until is point the mission had been successful in identifying methane and other gases on mars. how often do you meet the person that you might be studying in history class? that's what happened at denver south high school as students were surprised by a visit from the yost twin a nobel peace prize, malala malala yousafzai. >> students at south high school any it's going to be another assembly talking about the refugee population and their struggles.
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but they're all really here to meet a teenager who turned her struggle into a fight. >> it is my proud privilege and honor to welcome malala yousafzai. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: malala is the youngest ever nobel prize laureate for her fight against the taliban that girls have a right to go to school. but she inspires this crowd because she calories on after the taliban tried to kill her on her school bus. >> and that person fired three bullets. one bullet hit me. >> reporter: from the crowd to a private meeting with refugee students. malala and her father. >> thank you. thanks a lot. >> reporter: they want students to believe in themselves. >> because woman who needs to decide what she wants to do in achieving her life.
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and the fact that she's our age, it's inspiring. >> because she is showing us that girls can do anything that they want. no one can stop them. >> they're clapping and the cheers and the crowd, that is inspiring and that gives you so much energy. >> reporter: all that from what they thought. >> i love you, such a big girl to me. >> reporter: was another assembly. malala yousafzai is here with her nonprofit she came to south high school because of its diverse population. at 19 years old she's not that much older than the students. they admitted she was -- she admitted she was nervous go her own college applications. the south high -- nervous about her own college applications. the south high school students laughed. >> she has a couple stories to tell. >> as you touched on it, not
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life experiences, but the age. it's so critical to hear from somebody that's your age almost. >> if you think about how her story started, she is really the civil rights hero of this generation. >> yes. >> she started fighting on social media through a blog and that is something these students can definitely relate to. >> oh, my, to see them tear up, that's just wonderful. >> she's like a rock star to a lot of these girls. >> talk about your coursework >> lucky you to be there and be part of that, kind of electric in that room. >> yeah, definitely. debate over screen time, there is some new guidelines for kids. >> they asked oz and got an answer, help is coming for dorothy's ruby slippers. >> if you like seeing what the stock market did, you're
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police are responding to a three vehicle crash involving a school bus at 3090 and fox. >> sky9 is over -- 39th and fox. >> sky9 is over the area. it's closed the intersection. there's a heavy response with a couple ambulances on scene and a lot of police activity as well. at the moment no word on injuries, but we'll keep an eye on it and pass along any updates we get. you can snapchat with your kids, let babies face time with grandma and grandpa. however, there ar managing kids' media usage. it's okay if you give them enough time to sleep, exercise and eat properly as well. here's erica edwards. >> reporter: it's still up to parents to set limits on their kids' screen time activities, but the american academy of pediatrics is easing up a little on recommendations for children's media use and encouraging moms and dads to join their kids online worlds. >> play the games together with
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with your kids. >> reporter: the influential group of pediatrician says parents have an important role as media mentors teaching kids how to navigate the internet effectively and safely. the key is to make sure kids have plenty of offline time to develop social skills, healthy eating habits and proper sleep. >> sleep could not be more important to child health. not enough sleep is associated with obesity, attention >> reporter: there's evidence toddlers as young as 18 months old could learn and benefit from some forms of technology as long as it's not overly stimulating. >> if you want to start introducing media as young as 18 months, that's fine, but use it together with your child and choose really good media. >> reporter: the aap finds no problem allowing even babies to video chat with long distance family members. still they encourage a media limit of one hour a day for
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set limits that fit within their family rules. erica edwards, nbc news. >> other specific guidelines, no screen team an hour before bedtime. designate device free times like when you're doing homework or enjoying a meal and continue to talk about online bullying and internet safety. as a fact checker myself, sometimes i just want to give up. there's so much garbage people share like real miles but isn't. it can be hard to get a handle on it all. thankfully media expert at walter cronkite school did some digging into a headline that says hillary clinton said christians in america must abandon their faith, but that site admits it doesn't guarantee its stories are reliable or accurate. the story about president obama banning the pledge of allegiance. that got shared a whole lot.
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one about donald trump paying sarah palin $10 million for her endorsement, but it just doesn't stop people from reading, believing and further bolstering their own political mindsets. >> there's kind of a plague of misinformation, fake news. the more you want to believe in something that sounds outrageous to you, the more you should be skeptical. >> gilmore suggests researching the outlet posting any story as well as researching what's in it. sites that have an agenda are not necessarily bad, but they should make sure their reporting is actually accurate. some sites even have disclaimers on them that say they don't make any claim what they post is accurate. another easy way to determine legitimacy, google the author. >> yeah. and sometimes if you just read it a little bit, if they misspell the names of the people that they're accusing of things, they probably aren't
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on clicks. you make stuff up, get a lot of people to share it. i get why it happens, but man, people just share it without even looking. >> right now it's just really painful. >> some days i try to debunk it. some days i'm like there's too much of it, do what you can. you may want to check that iphone charger. it might be a fake depending where you got it. >> a man from texas has established a power grid so you
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new york now has one of the nation's toughest ricks on airbnb, the popular online short term rental service. there are fines up to 7,500- dollar for tenants and landlords -- $7,500 for tenants
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many recommendations aren't allowed under -- rentals aren't allowed under that law. they say it's hurting hotels and reducing the number of affordable apartments in new york city. air bmb pushed hard for a -- airbnb pushed hard for a veto. in june the denver city council allowed people to rent out a room or house less than 30 days, so people can legally offer their primary residence for short term rentals but not a second or extra home and they must get a homeowners association need to approve the rentals and must certify they have permission from their landlord to do the short term rental. it costs $25 to apply for a tax id and it can be done online. looks like tesla wants in on the ride sharing biz. the company announced this week all of its cars are coming with self-driving hardware, but a disclaimer on tesla's website says anybody ordering a car that's capable of autonomous
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family or tesla's own car sharing service. the company says it will put out more details next year. if you're shopping for the authentic apple replacement, careful. the company just filed a lawsuit saying most iphone chargers sold on amazons are fakes. the chargers are listed as genuine apple products, but the company said it bought and tested more than 100 lightning chargers listed on amazon as had poor construction, flawed design and inadequate electrical insulation. amazon says it got the products from a third party called mobile star. that's who apple is suing. apple says since fake chargers aren't usually safety tested, there's a rusk of overheating, fire and electric -- risk of overheating, fire and electrocution. a man from texas is choosing to live way off the
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streaming the experience on facebook. this is such a modern way to live off the grid. it's so all the rest of us can follow along. >> matt mcgowan made the more than 3,000-mile trip to newfoundland earlier this month living alone on an island 10 days as part of a team trying out a new concept. think cast-away the movie but replace wilson with a cellular booster. the projects is called cast- away live. it's the id producer made possible by a device originally made for the oil fields. that's where mcgowan has been working the last few years. >> i definitely wasn't supposed to be the one out here. there was somebody out with a lot more experience at being a survivalist, but he backed out. >> mcgowan's wife lauren said she and her baby are rarely on time to things because they're always watching him. he is coming home soon. that makes you feel a little better.
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he said the most important survival tool and that is it, your attitude. >> i could believe that actually. he's got a message on the beach there, very nice. >> no desire to do that, but good for him. >> you're not down? all right. plan your weekend because it's going to be hot for late october. >> we're not complaining, no. highs near 80 in some areas.
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look at that pretty picture of our city on a friday afternoon. you just want to get outside. >> i love the neighborhood you can see behind there because you've got the trees kind of turning in the city. >> that's why you love seeing the white in the mountains with
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it's going to feel a little more like summer while we're looking at these leaves that are all these great colors this weekend. >> yeah. get a blast of warm. meteorologist becky ditchfield is in the 9news backyard, tell us all about that, getting hot. >> 81 degrees tomorrow is what we're looking at, can you believe it? so warm out there tomorrow afternoon and that kind of mild weather, is it going to continue the rest of the weekend and into parts of next week? you know, i'm one that really likes this kind of mild weather, but badly. we've got one chance for it coming up on tuesday. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. all the leaves changing and the different colors across the city we're looking at that just outside the building at 9news, calm winds, beautiful outside today, highs into the 70s. we're at 76 right now, 75 greeley, 74 fort collin, eastern plains in the upper 70s
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50s, 60s and 70s in the mountains, leadville 57, 70 kremmling and eagle, buena vista at 70 and 68 degrees in gunnison. here outside the 9news backyard mostly sunny skies, gorgeous a oh, a stunning weekend, 75 degrees now. i want to look at the state which is very dry from the western slope to the eastern plains. the one thing we did not have today has been wind. so winds have been not been extremely high. the only place we're seeing that is up to our north across southeast parts of wyoming and the panhandle of nebraska. this huge area of high pressure is it'sing in place right over colorado -- is sitting in place right over colorado. so that's keeping the warm air in place with us for a while. on the other side of the country see that big dip? those are cold temperatures diving into the upper midwest
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been experiencing a very mild week. that's all about to change for them. that area of low pressure is going to push east and is going to carry some very chilly temperatures to northeast while the area of high pressure for colorado stays put and we stay warm for a little while longer. we also stay very dry, so i'm going to move to the other side of the screen to point out what will go on across the northeast here the next couple days. er showed you ready to push into new england, that will be accompanied by a very powerful cold front at the surface and area of low pressure. as that pushes right up. east coast, not only will -- up the east coast, not only will it bring low temperatures, but it will bring rain and snow to higher elevations up around new york. our forecast is very different. we are expecting dry weather. we're going to be calm across the state and some parts of
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panhandle of nebraska. right now until 5:00 a red flag warning does remain in effect for southeast wyoming, gusts there up to 40 miles per hour, relative humidity between 10 and 15%. so right now southeast wyoming, you have the highest fire danger. saturday, though, could also be a fire danger day for you. we have a fire weather watch in effect for southeast wyoming and the panhandle of nebraska through saturday where wind will be out of the west 15 to 30 mile-ho 40 in that area. we're not looking at that strong of winds here across colorado, so we do not have a fire weather watch in effect for us. it is going to be breezy heading into tomorrow afternoon, but that will be the extent of it. our winds look fairly calm around here, very dry weather continuing, high clouds expected tonight and into tomorrow afternoon. is that will be it. we're look -- that will be it. we're looking out to our west
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greeley, eastern plains lows in the 30s and 40s, mountain areas lower to middle tonight with middle 40s out across the western slope. winds tonight breezy at times out of the south west 5 to 15 mile-per-hour. 41 degrees for a low, clear skies. tomorrow 81 the high, sunny and warmer than today. wind will not be strong. we're looking at them light out of the southwest at 5 to 10 miles 75 the high. monday will be breezy, partly cloudy skies, high 74. tuesday a weak front pushes in. we're down to 71. an isolated shower is also possible. i think the best chance for that will be coming tuesday morning. it's possible we have a stray shower or two tuesday afternoon, but that chance for rain in the morning and in the afternoon on tuesday is really
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wednesday we're back up into the middle 70s and then we climb back up again to 80 for next thursday. it's not until the following weekend that we may see a bigger cooloff with temperatures in the 60s, but that's eight to nine days out. that forecast will likely change. overall this is looking like a very, very mild next nine days leading right up to halloween which usually kids are used to just putting on those overcoats over all of their costumes we'll see. >> it's like you're doing the forecast in san diego. >> yeah. it looks like fall. it feel like summer. >> well, it's going to be whatever. a difference by a few degrees here and there. >> 68 degrees today, sunny. hey, how's it going? we're just not used to that in colorado. eventually i'm sure we'll see a big dip and big storm, but it's not coming any time soon.
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minus 20. i'm calling it now, first two weeks of november shut the town down. >> all right. >> that's based on no science, of course. >> thank you, becky. it will be a super great weekend, nine things to do on and on the 9news mobile app. >> you don't ever have an excuse not to do something. a new brewery opening in denver that's a little people with disabilities to help them hold a stable job and support themselves. the grand opening is tomorrow 2:00 to 10 p.m. at their location on 39th. denver's haunt. houses are -- haunted houses are only around another week. why not go out in style and right around in a ghost busters style car. there access to five haunted houses and a lot more.
4:42 pm
ghost busters flight suits in there. so if you want to dress up and wear the gear, that's an option as well. >> why not? it does cost $700 for you and four friends. the proceeds benefit don't be a mon stern and anti-bullying campaign -- monster and anti- bullying campaign. trick-or-treat for health at the medical center of aurora goes from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. tomorrow. there's also safe street halloween at northglenn high night. there's no place like home and there's nothing like dorothy's ruby slippers.
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hey, everybody, brandon rittiman and kim christiansen messing with her glasses. people are responding to a request from the smithsonian to save dorothy's ruby red slippers from wizard of oz. >> the slippers worn by judy
4:46 pm
the campaign has raised about $240,000. more than 4,300 people backed the project. the goal is 300,000. the slippers have become one of the most beloved items at the smithsonian's museum of national american history more than 30 years. they were crafted almost 80 years ago by the mgm studio's prop department. so as you might imagine, they're fading, starting to decay a little bit. the smithsonian wants to put the money towards restoration and a technologically advanced preserved for future generations. >> those are going to be some expensive kicks by the time they're done. >> it's such a classic. you can see why so many people want to jump in. >> it's nice they found something where they could tug at the heart strings a little and raise some money. >> and not necessarily ruby. they didn't have ruby sequins. >> that sound rather technical. >> it was a little more on the red side. >> more red than ruby?
4:47 pm
me. >> it's like trying to explain the color of a nail polish. it's just a girl thing. >> very good. not surprising saturday night live is pretty popular right now during political season. >> just a little. >> even more so this time because the host and the musical guest this weekend. >> yeah. tom hanks is hosting. lady gaga is the musical guest. he has a new movie out. she just released a new album and if that's not enough, we can pe week's debate. savannah guthrie said this morning there were lines of people waiting for tickets already, huge. everybody wants to be at snl right now. this will be the ninth time hosting for tom hanks. >> it would be pretty fun to be at one of those fake debates. they do a pretty good caricature of both side. snl tomorrow night after 9news at 10:00. >> should be good. so they aren't all that famous, but some of the most
4:48 pm
seen them quite like this. gary shapiro is taking us under
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join us on a unique journey - under colorado. we'll take you to a bunch of unique places underground. one, the eisenhower and johnson tunnels on tomorrow night at 6:30 we'll take you to a bunch of really cool places underground, one the johnson eisenhower tunnel on i-70. of course you've seen probably not like. this here is 9news anchor gary shapiro. >> reporter: this drive has for some become routine. a way to get from here to there for work, skiing or vacation, so much quicker than the old way up and over the continental divide on loveland pass at nearly 12,000 feet. now you just led west through the johnson eisenhower tunnel
4:52 pm
million cars each year, but these tunnels are anything but routine especially when you take in their sights and sound. loud sounds. >> it's all hard solid material. those walls are concrete. so it just echos and continues on down. >> reporter: you really don't notice how loud it is driving through it, but the noise goes back to when the tunnels were built. it was loud blasting out millions of yard of of concrete, 70,000 tons of steel and it didn't all go as planned. for instance, a giant drilling machine called a drill jumbo got stuck when some rocks fell around it. this model of the tunnel you can see where it happened right in the middle where the colored plastic represents rock shells. >> the boring machine got all the way in there and it started taking weight. in other words, the mountain just pushed down to and it trapped it in place and it
4:53 pm
couldn't go forward. >> reporter: so after a year they decided to cut out the interior of the machine and leave its skeleton to support the structure. the stuck drill jumbo is a permanent part of the tunnel. >> 1986 this was cutting edge technology. >> reporter: these days the tunnels are a cutting edge of new equipment and old school. the backup generator has been around a little bit longer than the supervisor. and like most other things >> reporter: newer equipment includes 28 giant fans to blow the carbon dioxide and pollution out of the tunnels. the air moves through ducts that are windy, cold and loud. >> now this is only on low. if you can imagine hurricane force winds in this air duct, it would blow you right down the air duct. >> reporter: the air ducts also house the new state of the air fire suppression system,
4:54 pm
tunnels that will set it off if there's a fire. it will look like this video of a test of the system. the water should hold the fire until a fire truck gets there, yes, a fire truck from the small fire station this is housed inside the eisenhower tunnel. two pumper trucks and a giant tow truck, tunnel wo who are volunteer firefighters. >> watching that all the time. >> reporter: in the control room those workers watch for fires, traffic jams, stalled cars, flat tires and the like. the workers call it tunnel vision and watching 140 cameras can be a challenge. >> sometimes it gets a little boring. i wish we could get espn once in a while. >> reporter: the iconic tunnels carry both cars and important stories in colorado history. one of the most surprising may
4:55 pm
janet bonama hired by someone who thought her name was james. when the miners in the tunnel found out she was a she, they threatened to walk off the job. they considered women underground bad luck. >> things were going to fall on them. it was just bad luck. >> reporter: janet sued, settled and started working alongside the men, nothing horrible happened and she became an early pioneer of women's ts the tunnels are literally cemented into the fabric of colorado and t, its history, its commerce, its innovation, its -- colorado and its history, its commerce, its innovation and a very loud reminder of how far we've come. >> great stuff, gary. that gives you an idea what's in that special tomorrow at
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you'd like to go.
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man, time flies. >> i know. it's so nice outside. i'm going to go. >> i'll stay here. see you at 5:00. next at 5:00 xcel energy explains how a raccoon cut off power to nearly 27,000 cu >> also ahead what we've learned about a massive cyber attack that has tape down much of the internet -- taken down much of the internet. >> and the winner according to a new national poll of likely voters next on 9news. >> this is 9news. denver public schools confirms one of their school buses has been involved in a crash this afternoon. this is near 39th and fox.
5:00 pm
montessori junior is senior high school about. 30 -- junior senior high school. about 30 students were on the bus at the time. we have not heard about how people in the other vehicles are doing or what caused this crash. prosecutors in northwest colorado revealed this afternoon they've filed arson charges against a juvenile accused of starting this, the beaver creek fire. that fire, of course, was first reported sunday, june 19th, about 24 miles north of walden. since then it's 38,380 acres, destroyed one home and 16 other structures. it's been burning in the medicine bow and routt national forests for months now. because of the suspect's age, prosecutors are not releasing a whole lot more information about this case. thousands of people in denver and aurora woke up to no power this morning. xcel energy says customers can blame a raccoon. officials say the animal got into a substation similar to


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